Working with a coach means establishing a partnership; it’s a collaborative, co-active exchange. 

I believe that hurdles, transitions or growth periods are huge opportunities for lasting change, but too often we can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s difficult to see the situation - or how you are showing up within it - objectively. That is, until you begin to practice stepping outside of yourself. And once you start that process, it’s very hard to stop.  It’s my job to make sure you are looking at any situation with compassionate objectivity, to introduce you to new tools, and light the way for new paths. We’ll also do some serious work to strengthen your muscle for resiliency. When coaching, I am not a consultant. I will not “tell” you what to do. The solutions are yours and yours alone. I just help you reach deep into yourself to find the way forward, because I have no doubt that all of the answers you seek are already within you. 

What is your methodology?

I believe that all beings were born whole, no matter their circumstance. Throughout life, experiences and outside factors can detract from our connection to this wholeness. Society may ask that we “choose” who we are going to be, leading to a loss in the natural multiplicity that makes us human. Social Media may pressure us to only expose the “good” parts of our journey, leaving sometimes the most meaningful or transformative experiences in the shadows. Pressures for productivity may demand that we prioritize certain areas of our life, leaving our “true” priorities to be met when we are most depleted, or without true attention to nurturing.

I believe we can feel “whole” again. When all of the areas, experiences and pieces of us that make us who we are can be tended to with nurturing compassion and empowered authenticity. This takes Curiosity, Creativity and Design. And it takes a village. I’m here to witness and support you in all of it.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

Coaching is a commitment an individual makes to themselves to dedicate time and space to what challenges them most. You could be facing a transition in life and want to navigate it with conscientiousness, grace and curiosity. You may be realizing that old coping mechanisms are no longer serving you and you’d like to build new tools. You may be seeking an understanding space within which you can explore tough conversations and find new paths forward.

How does it work?

For individuals, I recommend a 6-10 week commitment to our work, during which we establish an overarching goal and spend each session working towards it. Finding a coach that aligns with you is a personal choice. Fill out this contact form to set up an exploratory call to see if my approach aligns with your desires.